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Welcome to my Travel Dairy page!!!

Here, I will keep on posting my travel related experiences basically on Chemical Symposiums, Seminars and Conferences.

1. ACS Regional Conference, Covington, May 18-21, 2016

It was my first conference after starting my graduate studies at U of Miami. My graduate friend, Yiqun Zhou, joined me to participate in the conference. He is a guy full of humor and enthusiasm. I have shared our picture herein.
Me and Yiqun in Chicago Metro.
My title of presentation was on β-Galactosidase Langmuir Monolayer at Air/X-gal Subphase Interface.  This is my first paper as a first author. The incomparable benefits of attending an conference is that you will be able to build your network and increase your awareness of new trends occurring in your research area. Saying so, I was much benefited by participating this conference. I am a guy who loves travelling. I talked with Yiqun to select Chicago as our transit while travelling to Covington. Luckily, we got about 4.5 hours of lay over time and managed to visit the Downtown for half an hour. Yey, now I can say that I have visited Chicago! I wish to visit it again because I did not get much time to roam around the downtown and off course much heard Willis Tower, Cloud Gate and Navy Pier.
Presenting my Poster in the poster session

As participation in conferences increase grow your personal network, expand the resources, construct your knowledge base, I plan to go for more conferences this year.

I have also shared some of my pictures that were taken in Covington, Cincinnati and on the bank of Ohio river.

Bridge connecting Covington and Cincinnati over Ohio river.

University of Cincinnati

2. Travel to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (5-12, August, 2017)
                                    on the occasion of
Asian Conference in Colloid and Interface Science (ACCIS-2017)

7th August 2017 Night
Arrived  Kuala Lumpur (KL) at 10 pm. Durga Bashyal dai had sent his friend to receive me there. Lived with him in Nilai-3, Negri Sembilan. He had been staying in an apartment given by his company. Though the restrooms and bathing rooms were not maintained well but I was excited to see him after nearly 15 years. We did not sleep until 1 am. I was tired of the long trip but Durga dai did not stop talking. I guessed he had got someone to listen his stories of upheavals after so many years!
Early next day morning, we woke up and moved towards KL. From, 8th August I started living in Hotel in Katariya, a nearby place close to my Conference Venue, Berjaya Times Square Hotel in Bukit Bintang. On the very day Resham Bhandari, my village acquaintance who used to live in KL for a long time took me towards Petronas Tower. It was nice to see the different part of the world. I slept well that day in the hotel. Some of our (far) relative brothers had a restaurant named “Bhetghat Restaurant” in Katariya. So, I did not miss the typical Nepali food “Daal Bhaat, Tarkari, Achar” though I was in the foreign land.

Malaysia had progressed a lot in the meantime. I was fascinated to see their developmental steps making them as a top ten powerhouse of Asia. I spent 9th and 10th of August solely in the conference. It was nice to see many people of same research field in a place. I was warmly welcomed by the organizers. My presentation was on 10th August, but before that, I got to meet with Prof. Dr. Osamu Shibata from Nagasaki University, our long-standing robust collaborator! He was happy to see me there. 

With Malaysian friends

With Scholars from India

With Tulasi, Ajaya Sir from Morang Campus

At KL Tower with friends

At Batu Caves

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